Lt. Emanuel Cross

Tall, slender man with a grim outlook on life. Fair skinned and grey haired, despite being on the right side of 40


Lieutenant Emanuel Cross

Str – 9
Dex – 11
End – 7
Int – 10
Edu – 9
Soc – 6

Sniper Rifle – “Matilda”
9mm Pistol
Static Sword

Protec Suit

Astrogation 1
Computers +0
Gambler +1
Gunner (any) +0
Gun Combat (Slug Rifle) +2
Leadership +2
Melee (Blade) +1
Pilot (Space Craft) +1
Stealth +1
Streetwise +0
Tactics (Naval) +1
Trade (Menial) +
Vacc Suit +0
Zero-G +1


Born on the Imperial World of Jewel to a middle-class family, Emanuel’s father was a professional athlete. When his father was informed that his first child was to be a boy, he was overjoyed at the prospect of having a son follow in his footsteps.

However, by the time he was eight, it was evident that Emanuel had no intention, or motivation, to follow his father. After a career ending injury, Emanuel’s father turned to alcohol to help drown his memories of a life half lived. For this reason Emanuel shares a very volatile relationship with his family that persists to the present day.

Emanuel’s childhood was fairly uneventful as far as great historical events can be considered. He managed to pick up skills selling copies of local media prints, and spent a lot of his time working to get away from home. Being very centralized in a heavily human environment, Emanuel couldn’t help but be influenced by the opinions of those around him, particularly his father. As a result, Emanuel developed slight xenophobic tendencies towards most alien races. At the age of 18 he enlisted in the Imperial Navy and said goodbye to his home world of Jewel to move on to brighter prospects. Entering as an enlisted man, Cross was quite content with how his career was going. He had no aspirations to attempt to become more than he thought he was capable of, nor did he think the work he was doing was unimportant at all.

During his third year on duty his patrol ship was sent on many diplomatic missions to a Bwap station. It was during these missions that he first encountered the learned Bwap scientist Tapox. Thinking very little of the Bwap as a species, Cross was very surprised when his superiors personally chose him to participate in escort of these creatures. But when Tapox inadvertently saved his life in a rough landing on a planet’s surface, a mild friendship began to develop. It was upon this friendship that the beginnings of the Omega Trading Consortium were founded.

When Cross was 24, during his sixth year serving with the Imperial Navy, Cross was embroiled in an investigation regarding sabotage of a Vargr ship that was operating with the vessel he was serving on. Originally a suspect in the investigation due to his open hostility to most things alien, Cross managed to clear his name, and even help expose the culprits responsible. Eventually, this lead to his commissioning as an ensign.

Four years later, Sublieutenant Cross was again involved in an investigation regarding the security of his ship. It was believed that the two incidents were related, or if not this latest investigation was to be influenced by the events of the former four years earlier. Sublieutenant Cross managed to expose a radical splinter within the enlisted men aboard the ship. It was also suspected at the time that a small proportion of commissioned officers may have also been involved, but no evidence was ever brought forth regarding this line of enquiry. The results of this investigation lead to the court-martial of 236 enlisted men spread over 4 ships and took the better part of 3 years to complete. Shortly after Cross was returned to regular duty, he began flying drop ships for the marines. It was here that he met Sergeant Brehus Lancaster. After more than half a dozen successful landings the two had made quite a strong friendship. When the idea for the Omega Trading Consortium was brought to Cross’s attention, he knew he had to get Lancaster on board.

By the time Cross had reached Lieutenant, it was obvious to his superiors that this cancer had not fully been routed from their command. Lieutenant Cross was ordered to attempt to uncover this by whatever means necessary. Infiltrating a gambling circle, Lt. Cross quickly realized that he was restrained by his position and there was only so much he could discover by using his current means. He therefore opted to resign his commission in order to have more freedom with his current task. So, at the age of 34, Lt. Cross resigned from the Imperial Navy and set about making plans for his coming mission. He was going to find the source of this discontent within his branch of the fleet, even if it killed him. Free trading seemed the most logical way to travel almost unnoticed around the surrounding sectors.

With Brehus and Tapox onboard, Lt. Cross feels that whoever is behind this is going to have to watch their backs pretty closely. Especially with that Vargr nipping at their heels.

Lt. Emanuel Cross

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