Jade Schroder

38 years old, human, female, ex dancer and spy - quite a looker


Str 0 (6)
Dex +2 (12)
End 0 (7)
Int +1 (9)
Edu 0 (8)
Soc 0 (7)

Physical description:
Green-Grey eyes, dark brown wavy hair, 5’6", slim (58Kg) but with some curves – hollywood star type figure. her work as a dancer has kept her lean and toned. Olive complexion and a pretty face – she is often complemented on her beauty and looks closer to 30 than 40 without the help of anti-aging drugs.


Born in Zivije’s capital. her mother died when she was 3 years old leaving her father to raise her and her older brother. Her father worked as a sailor on a cruse ship and often left Jade in the care of her older brother. her natural curiosity and adventurous nature lead her to get into all sorts of trouble including “borrowing” row boats and being caught in all sorts of places a child should not be. A natural drama queen she was active in school plays and begged her father to pay for her to take ballet and other dance classes after school, he saw this as a good way to keep her out of mischief.
when she turned 18 she took a job on a local cruise ship as a back up dancer for one of the shows. Thus began her career as a professional Dancer.

After 4 years the adventure bug bit her and she packed her things and headed to Mora and soon found that her only work options as a dancer was either a striper or a cabaret dancer… she chose the later since it was dancing half naked rather than all naked! She danced at a high end club called The Grand for close to 4 years, during this time Jade caught the eye of a foreign noble Baron Wilhelm von Hessen. He was so enchanted by her that he offered to become her patron. With the patronage of the Baron Jade met many other nobles and was often invited to the Baron’s parties to entertain his guests. the exposure to the life of the rich nobles tugged at something in Jade, a desire to have her own wealth.

The world of the noble families however was one of political machinations and backstabbing. Being inconsequential to most of the other nobles Jade uncovered a plot to bring down the Baron and some of his friends including Karl von Richtofen, she helped the Baron and Karl expose their enemies but not before being dragged through all sorts of embarrassment. While being involved in this scandal her actions to uncover the plot brought her to the attention of various authorities. Imperial Intelligence Agent Gray saw potential in her and he offered for her to became an Intelligence Agent. She used her experience as a dancer to provide cover for her new job. After a few years Jade convinced a bartender called Ron from the elite night club the Maison Rouge to become an informant. With his help Jade managed to uncover a great deal of information on the local nobility and uncovered many illegal trade arrangements. From time to time she was required to deal with the the criminal underbelly of the city. Being relatively unskilled in self defense and often in need of “toughs” she met a vargar called Asgier who helped her in some of her less delicate missions.

After turning 38 years old Jade decided that she was ready to pack up and look for new opportunities. The Baron mentioned his friend Karl, who Jade had met while helping uncover the scandal was looking to buy up a ship and set up a trading consortium. Jade decided she needed to start looking to the future, her looks would not last and on her current pay she couldn’t afford anti-aging drugs to keep her looks. The trading consortium sounded like the kind of opportunity she had been looking for and she new a vargar who would be keen to join up…

Jade Schroder

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