The Omega Trading Consortium

Captain's Log – Date: 1105 - 039

“After delivering our mystery package, we were informed that there might be more work available in the future. Turns out this first run was just to check our trustworthiness, which, evidently we passed.

However, we have learned of a much greater issue than any related to mere economical reasons for us. It turns out the that local Imperial representative was the target of an assassination attempt. She is currently in the middle of negotiations to secure a trade agreement with the Darrians to procure a new anti-psyionic device. The assassin slipped passed all the guards, rendering two of them unconscious. He also managed to disrupt all electronic video surveillance. He was seen and the description given vaguely matches that of an Aslan. But why the Darrians would try to break this negotiation makes no sense to me, especially when they have so much to gain from it. If I didn’t know any better, I would suspect the treacherous Zhodani to be behind this. It fits them to a tee.

The Imperial security forces believe that no one currently on the planet can be trusted to help with this situation, and because we were in mid-jump when all this happens, he believes there is no way that we could be responsible. A little naïve of him, sure, but we are willing to help. Besides, we’ve got at least a week on this planet to kill, time-wise, so why not?”




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