The Omega Trading Consortium

Captain's Log – Date: 1105-030

“Another week in transit, another star system to plunder. Well, not literally, but the way Richthofen does business, it almost seems that way. Not much to be done on Fornice, but we’ve decided to spend almost a week to ensure we have ample time to buy and arrange transport of cargo. Asgeir was approached in the street by a mysterious man looking for his help to transport a package for him to Catuz. Since it was the next planned stop for us, he accepted. I would have preferred if he’d run it by us first, even one of us. Who knows what we might be carrying. At least he was smart enough to enquire whether it was a prohibited substance. I have no intention of be jailed for drug running.

I sent my monthly progress report back to Admiral Rythal the other day. Although no real progress has been made as of yet, I’m confident that it’s only a matter of time. From what Brehus tells me of this “Messenger”, I struggle to see how our two goals aren’t interconnected somehow. Especially considering the proximity in which we served. I would like it officially stated on this log that I have made retired Gunnery Sergeant Brehus Lancaster my first officer on the Tanngrisnir. It was a tough call between him and Richthofen, but what it eventually came down to, was could I really trust the Baron when the going got tough? I don’t think the man has much of a spine, at least not that I’ve seen.”

Lt. E. Cross



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