The Omega Trading Consortium

Captain's Log – Date: 1105-018

“We arrived on this ‘planet’ three days ago. Officially it’s called Moran, I prefer shit-pile. No recognized for of government, it’s a wonder there’s anyone left alive here. I imagine that the placement of an Imperial Naval base on the world has something to do with it, but even still, they aren’t supposed to get involve in matters of state. Although I’d be surprised if there were any situations that classified as matters of state on shit-pile.

Richthofen has been up to his usual tricks and managed to more than triple our expected returns on investment with this cargo. I knew we should have gone for the corsair class vessel. Oh well.

Brehus and I are planning on visiting the military base tomorrow. We both have some questions that we’d like answers to, and a backwater military installation like this one might be the perfect place for the kind of people we’re looking for to operate out of.”

Lt. E. Cross



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