The Omega Trading Consortium

Captain's Log – Date: 1105-006

“Victory! But was there really any doubt? Just before the competition began, I discovered some tampering with our truck. Although quickly fixed, it would have been crippling out in the field. We decided to keep our knowledge of the tamping to ourselves, and perhaps turn it to our advantage. Which, as it turns out, is exactly what happened.

We cruised into a dense forest and began making preparations for our trap. As expected, Tien’s cohort came straight for us. Thinking we were broken down, they were cocky and easily despatched. Brehus created the initial disruption, and I put Tien down with the first shot. The rest of them never saw it coming. Brehus especially showed his worth here. Not that I ever had any doubts, but it’s good to be reminded on occasion.

The next encounter was a bit more… interesting. Note to self; boarding actions between flat-out flat beds are not as simple as one might initially think. As fun as it was, I don’t think I’ll be doing that again in a hurry. Once again Brehus easily pulled his share of the load by continually stunning the occupants of the other truck. I hate to admit it, but some quick thinking and exceptional driving from Asgeir allowed us to prevent any tricks they may have had in store for us.

First time seeing everybody in action, and though there are some people on my crew I wouldn’t trust to watch my back in a firefight, I’m pretty happy with the various skills everybody brings to the table. Now, let’s hope petty squabbles don’t interfere too much with the overall opperations of the ship.”

Lt Emanuel Cross



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